Guide to Buying a Used Car in Waterloo, IA

Need a new car that’s “new” to you? Try buying used! Buying a used car lets you have that new car feeling while your wallet keeps its weight. Don’t let new car prices keep you from driving off the lot with something you love. Here’s a guide to buying a used car in fantastic Waterloo, IA.

Where Should You Start When Buying a Used Car?

Before you start your car-buying journey, you should ask yourself, “What vehicle should I buy?” C&S Car Company of Waterloo, IA, has multiple years, makes, and models all ready for you to browse. During this time, your job is to select the right one for you. They also have many under 7 thousand to fit even the tightest budgets.
Get Your Keys
You’ve Picked the Car, Now What?

After browsing their excellent used inventory, you’ve selected the vehicle you want and are now thinking, “Now what?” The first thing you should do is confirm the availability. It’s crucial to check if your car is already gone. To do this, visit the C&S Car Company website, and you can easily click “Confirm Availability” to ensure your vehicle is still waiting for you.

The next thing you should do is complete their financing application. They have financing experts who can help walk through this process and answer any lingering questions such as leasing vs financing, loans, and so much more. All to ensure you can secure the best interest rate for your budget.
Lastly, once you confirm the availability and complete their financing application, the last thing you should do is the test drive. Test driving your car will help you calm any concerns when buying a used car. For example, you’ll be able to experience braking, handling, acceleration, etc. By simply visiting the C&S Car Company’s “Service & Parts” page via their website and either selecting “First-time Guests” or “Returning Customers.”

The Paperwork Needed

After finding your vehicle, getting financing approval, and completing the test drive, it’s time for the paperwork to commence. When dealing with paperwork, things can get complicated, but the excellent people at C&S Car Company are always here to help. Fortunately, most dealerships typically handle the documentation, such as title, bill of sale, sales tax, and other fees. All to ensure this is a stress-free process. Remember, the state of Iowa requires all newly purchased vehicles to register with the state within 30 days of sale.

Your title, plates, and registration should all arrive via mail within a few weeks after filing.

Now You’re Driving off the Lot

You’ve completed the process! From researching and financing to test-driving and purchasing, you now own your new used car. While buying a used car can often feel overwhelming or scary, the dedicated team at C&S Car Company in Waterloo, IA, aims to make this experience stress-free and easy. You can trust that even post-purchase, their remarkable service team is committed to providing outstanding maintenance whenever unexpected issues crop up.