Summer Maintenance Tips

With the warmer weather ahead, it's the time of year when more drivers will be on the road. Whether you're planning to take a family vacation or you enjoy going cruising as the sun sets, your car is likely to get more usage. It's critical to have your vehicle ready for summer. The hotter temperatures can take a toll on your vehicle, and you don't want to put yourself at risk for a breakdown. Our service team at C&S Car Company recommends a few simple yet essential maintenance tips for your vehicle. 
1. Get Your Battery Tested
Summer heat can put additional stress on your battery, and you don't want to be stranded at the worst time possible. Many people don't realize that the increased heat is a primary culprit for battery failures. Our technicians can conduct a battery test with a routine oil change, so you'll have more peace of mind the next time you start your vehicle.
2. Schedule An Oil Change
If you are due for an oil change, it's important not to go over the recommended interval as the summer weather begins. Any extreme temperature change, either hot or cold, will require more out of the oil and filter. Clean oil keeps everything lubricated while your filter keeps harmful elements out of the engine. Perhaps the most important maintenance task, routine oil changes keep you running smoothly no matter what time of the year it is. 
3. Replace Wiper Blades
Summer doesn't only mean blazing sun every day. Here in Waterloo, IA, we get plenty of afternoon thunderstorms. Compromised windshield wipers can decrease visibility and put you at risk for an accident when wet conditions ensue. You can usually tell when wiper blades need to be replaced when they are streaking, making a chattering noise, or they aren't staying in contact with your windshield consistently.
4. Brake Inspection 
More people on the road also means you'll need to use your brakes more often. Whether there's heavy city traffic or you have to stop suddenly, having a good set of brakes is imperative to your safety. We can inspect your brakes, but don't wait should you hear screeching noises that indicate you need a pad replacement.
5. Check Tire Pressure
Something as simple as checking your tire pressure can help you avoid a flat on the road or an unexpected blowout. As temperatures change, your tires can either increase or decrease pressure. Generally, a good rule of thumb is to check your pressure at least once a month. This maintenance task can save you from a big hassle the next time you depart on a summer destination.
6. Air-Conditioning
Having a properly working AC system in the summer is essential, especially if you have young children. Your vehicle can quickly soar to dangerous levels of heat within minutes. Our service professionals can ensure everything is in working order, so you'll enjoy the cool air even on the hottest of days. When you're inside the car, keep your AC running at a steady level instead of turning it all the way up intermittently. This practice can improve fuel economy as well.
7. Monitor Fluid Levels
Spending just a few minutes every month under the hood could spot potential issues before they worsen. These five fluids should be checked on a routine basis:
  • oil
  • coolant
  • transmission
  • power steering
  • brake
8. Keep Your Car Clean 
The long and cold winter can wreak havoc on the inside and outside your vehicle. Wash your car often to preserve the paint and prevent rusting. You should apply a good coat of wax at least every season, so before the summer is an excellent opportunity. The inside needs to be vacuumed often, and you should wipe down the steering wheel and dashboard to prevent cracking. Use a sunshade to protect your interior if you can't park in the garage or under shade.
9. Schedule A Tune-Up
Scheduling a tune-up can be an excellent way to help your vehicle run at an optimal level for the long term. If you notice your vehicle is idling roughly or stalling, it could be time to get this service completed. This process usually involved installing new park plugs, replacing air and cabin filters, and changing belts or hoses. 
C&S Car Company Can Help Your Vehicle Get Ready For Summer
Our trusted technicians are your preferred source for vehicle maintenance in Waterloo, IA, and the surrounding area. We are trained on the Hyundai, Mazda, and Subaru models with the highest level of competency and experience. You can conveniently schedule an appointment online or give us a call for all your service requests.