Why Buy Hyundai

Why Buy Hyundai?
Hyundai has a lineup of 21 vehicles. Many people have questions about vehicles before they buy them in this case we are going to look at all the reasons why buying a Hyundai is a great idea. The experts at C&S Car Company in Waterloo, IA are friendly, knowledgeable, and always happy to answer any questions you may have about any of their Hyundai’s.

The variety of Hyundai’s to choose from is large. If you want smaller cars, they have eon and i10 to choose from. If you want a subcompact sedan, they have the Accents and the Elantra. If you’re looking for a mid-sized sedan then try the Sonata. If you want a coupe, they have the Genesis, if you want to try a crossover the Kona and Tucson are worth a test drive, if you’re looking for an SUV then you should test drive the Santa Fe. These are only a few of the great Hyundai vehicles and many more.

Hyundai’s are made of high-quality materials and last a long time when they are maintained properly. Their good looks remain long after the vehicle ages making a used Hyundai’s an attractive purchase as well as a new one.
Hyundai’s are award-winning vehicles. Hyundai’s vehicles have won the most awards in the past year than any other car company including the IIHS Top Safety awards for the past five years. JD Power — top 3 brands the past two years and the 2021 Elantra won the award for North American Car of the year.

Hyundai’s Technology
An electric all-wheel-drive technology improves overall performance. It provides more stability and allows the driver to maneuver the vehicle better making for a much better ride, than before this new technology. The Hyundai motor has achieved the perfect ratio for outstanding drivability. It also has great stability with improved aerodynamics. Hyundai vehicles drive like a dream.

Noise Control — has been reduced dramatically with soundproof technology this allows you and your passengers to enjoy a nice quiet ride without the hum of the engine or outside noise interrupting your conversations.

Hyundai’s Smart Sense is a state-of-the-art driver-assist system. It is built into the car to provide you and your passengers with even more safety.

Cruise Control — The cruise control has advanced sensors that allow the driver to drive at a certain speed without pressing the accelerator while the technology maintains a safe and legal distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. If that safe distance is breached the electronic stability control kicks in and takes over and automatically engages your brakes to slow the car down. This is a great safety feature to have especially if you live or travel to an area where there is a lot of traffic congestion.

Downhill Brake Control — Is another great feature of the Hyundai vehicle it helps when driving or coasting down a steep hill it controls the brake while the driver controls the steering wheel. This is a great safety feature, especially in inclement weather.

Automatic Emergency Braking — Much like the reverse automatic braking regular automatic braking stops the vehicle if an object is in front of the vehicle.

Rear Cross-Traffic Alert — This alert warns the driver that there is a vehicle or more than one coming from your side when you are backing up. A rear-vision camera improves the driver’s visibility while driving in reverse.

Blind-Spot Detection system — This system warns the driver when a vehicle enters their blind spots with a visual display on each of your Foresters side mirrors—alerting you to double-check your mirrors before changing lanes or turning.

Hyundai vehicles also come with lane-changing warnings and alerts, some have 360-degree mirrors, and so much more. You should always consider upgrading to get the full safety package.

Hyundai is a great car brand their employees always go the extra mile to makes sure you are getting exactly what you want in a vehicle. They will make suggestions based on your needs and budget to help you get into the vehicle you want. You always have the option of buying new or used car salesperson will help you with all the steps of purchasing your Hyundai.